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Let's Talk Money: financial plan, spending habits and debt

June 11, 2020

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July 2, 2020

Welcome back to the Miss to Mrs series. Today's show is all about a question I get asked ALL of the time, I'm not even exaggerating lol. "How's married life?" I often get asked this question before I'm even asked how I am doing as a person, which is hilarious to me; because although I'm married I'm still an individual. It was only fitting that I made a podcast around this question to share how my...

June 25, 2020

Dear Black Woman...an episode for all women but especially dedicated to Black women. Today's podcast was so much fun to record, I was joined by a special friend who has been one of my biggest supporters when I started my podcasting journey; so it was only fitting to have her as my first official guest on the show. In today's show she shares her experiences and insecurities she had navigating throu...

June 18, 2020

Hi guy's welcome back to another Miss to Mrs today I'll be sharing 7 practical tips that you can use to invest in yourself before dating. If you are at a stage where you feel that you are 'ready' to start dating and finding your life partner I'm sure that these tips are really going to help you. Or if you're already in a relationship these tips are still very much applicable. I applied these tips...

June 16, 2020

Today's show is for All Women, but especially dedicated to Black Women; I'll be sharing some of my journey on navigating through life as a black woman. Today's show has definitely been my deepest & most vulnerable, but it was such a joy to record it. Going back in time to share some of the struggles I faced navigating through life as a young black woman in the UK, as an immigrant (illegal for the...

June 11, 2020

Hi guy's welcome back to the Pearls and Perils show, today we're talking about all thing's money. The Coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise and unfortunately a lot of people have been struggling financially as a result of a reduction in their income, unemployment, spiraling debt and a lack of savings and reserves to utilise.

This situation has highlighted the importance of having control ov...

June 8, 2020

Happy Monday, I hope that you are all well and ready for the week ahead. If you haven't yet read last week's Organisation tip, take some time to read it as it links with today's tip. One of the greatest enemies of productivity is procrastination. Procrastination is when we delay or postpone action in doing something. We are all guilty of procrastinating whether it's something as trivial as washing...

June 4, 2020

Welcome back to the Miss to Mrs series. Today's show is all about relationship expectations, we all have expectations of how we want our partner to be and how we desire to be treated. In today's show we'll be exploring realistic expectations vs unrealistic expectations and how they can affect your relationship.

The Miss to Mrs series is for all the ladies whether you are single, in a situationship,...

June 1, 2020

Welcome to the month of June, the past five months has been a whirlwind of events. Who would have predicted that the past 6 months would have unfolded in the way that it has? Although most of the world has slowed down due to the spread of the Coronavirus, one thing that has not slowed down is time. Perhaps you set goals at the beginning of this year, that you intended on achieving by now or being...

May 28, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the Pearls and Perils today's show is all about comparisons, we make comparisons on a daily basis from the places we visit to service that we receive, not forgetting comparing ourselves with others. Today we'll be exploring the dangers of comparing ourselves with others.  

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May 21, 2020

Welcome back to the Pearls and Perils today's show is all about Identity if I was to ask you who you are? What would you define yourself as would it be based on where you are from, what you believe or what you have? In today's show we'll be diving into the importance of knowing who you are and how to discover your identity.

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