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Podcast: How to avoid burning out and finding the balance

October 31, 2019

Life can get increasingly busy with tight schedules and endless to do list to complete. If we don't learn how to find balance we can find ourselves be...

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November 21, 2019

We are all guilty of complaining about our life and the reasons why we haven't been able to achieve our goals. But the reality is that 99% of the time we are our biggest enemies! When we allow fear, insecurity, laziness, our past, procrastination and so on to hold us back. Get out of your own way and chase your dreams. 

November 4, 2019

Welcome to November! To think that next month we'll be coming to the end of the year is mind blowing! Time is not waiting for anyone. If you want to make the last two months of the year productive, this weeks pearl of the week is imperative to achieving your goals.

One thing that we all have in common irrespective of who you are or where you are from is that we are all people of habits. We all ha...

October 28, 2019

With only a four days left of October I'm sure we can all agree that October is practically over. To think there's two months left of the year is crazy! The months are literally flying by if you are not someone who is intentional in the way you spend your time, you will always struggle to achieve your goals.

As we start a new week be intentional with your time by eliminating time wasters from you...

October 21, 2019

Can you believe we are already in the last week of October? This month has flown by so quickly! By next week Thursday it's a wrap for October and on to November. As we start a new week, set aside some time to reflect on how this month has been for you so far. 

What opportunities have you seized? What changes have you made? Maybe you say well Peta-Kay 'I haven't received any opportunities...

October 14, 2019

In last weeks Pearl of the week we spoke about removing toxic situations from our life, this is something we have to constantly do as there will always be toxic influences around us that if we are not mindful of will affect us in one way or another. Something very toxic that we are all capable of becoming is selfish. No one likes to admit that they are selfish but I'm sure that we have all been se...

October 10, 2019

Despite all of the things that we are taught in school to prepare us for the 'real world' there are certain lessons relating to life that we are not taught in school, which leaves many of us unprepared for the reality of life. In this weeks podcast we delve into Life lessons that school never taught us, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to at least one of these lessons from money management or the...

September 30, 2019

'Failure to plan is preparing to fail.'

We all have 24 hours in a day and yet some people utilise their time more productively than others. 
We've all found ourselves saying that there isn't enough hours in a day, but the truth is there is enough time. The key is learning how to master your time by prioritising how you spend it.

If you don't consciously plan how you're going to spend your time, ot...

May 16, 2019

We live in a society, where it is ingrained in us that once you leave College, University is the next step. But is this really the best option for everyone? Today we'll be discussing this question in today's show. We'll also be digging into career goals and how to further your career, we spend the majority of our time at work which is why it's important to pursue a career that you enjoy and is rew...

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