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Pearl of the week: 14.10.2019

In last weeks Pearl of the week we spoke about removing toxic situations from our life, this is something we have to constantly do as there will always be toxic influences around us that if we are not mindful of will affect us in one way or another. Something very toxic that we are all capable of becoming is selfish. No one likes to admit that they are selfish but I'm sure that we have all been selfish in at least one point in our lives if not countless times. Unfortunately we live in a society that is filled with people who only care about themselves and how they can get ahead in life irrespective of who they hurt in their pursuit for success. Some people would betray their own family if it meant that they could get ahead in life.

It is much easier to be selfish than it is to be a giver, quite frankly being selfish comes naturally to us. The act of giving without expecting anything in return is something that we have to consciously set our minds to do. I must admit this is NOT easy to do at all especially when you have had a negative experience in which you gave your time, effort, trust and resources to help others and they didn't appreciate it or didn't show the same consideration when you needed their help.

But don't allow negative experiences or ungrateful people to stop you from being a giver, if you are in a position to help someone around you help them. Irrespective of whether you will receive something in return. Helping someone is not simply limited to money but extends far greater than this, perhaps you can give your time, share your knowledge with someone who needs your guidance, even something as simple as listening to someone can have a huge impact in someones life.

In this week analyse and see how you can become a giver to those around you, what can you do or change that can have a positive influence on someones life. If you are already someone who is a natural giver, continue this. Whatever you sow in life is what you will reap, if you are a giver in turn you will receive; but don't be the kind of person that does things with second intentions or likes to brag and tell the whole world what they did for others.

Have a great week, why not start being a giver by sharing this blog with a friend.

Your Finance P.T



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