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Planners vs Executers

Happy Monday! I hope you are doing well. I'm sure you've come across the popular saying 'Failure to plan is planning to fail'. However, the problem for most people is not a failure to plan, but the way in which they plan.

Our technological society has created a dependency on the Internet and other sources of easily accessible information, when we are required to think, express our own ideas or problem solve. Quite often when we are in search of an answer to a problem, we 'Google' it instead of trying to figure out the answer for ourselves.

This dependency has removed the need to be a critical thinker and quite often when people plan out their goals, ideas, projects they lack a key component of what a plan should contain- DETAIL! If we look at the definition of a plan, it is 'a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something' we can then conclude that if our 'plan' lacks detail, it is not a plan at all but a mere wish list.

Having a plan for your life and goals is very important, as it allows us to have clarity and direction about how we want our lives to be. A lot of people lack direction in life, because they do not know what they want! Something I always advise my clients to do when creating their Financial plans, is to think about their ultimate goal in life and to structure smaller goals that will allow them to meet their ultimate goal.

How do you want your life to be, when you come to the end of your life? What are the stories you want to tell your future grandchildren, if you ever have any?

Knowing what you want in life is key to helping you to outline an initial plan, this may be adjusted as you progress in life and your goals may alter according to your ever growing vision. As important as planning is, you can have the most detailed plan in the world BUT if you fail to take the right ACTIONS, the plan will never become a REALITY.

Action, is what separates those who are Planners from those who are Executers. I use to be a planner, I would create detailed plans of what I wanted to achieve however, I lacked the persistence in taking the required steps to getting to where I wanted to be in life. The moment I started to adjust the way I planned, to include the actions and strategies I needed to take in order to see my goals become a reality and started to ACT on them, that is when I started to see immense progress and growth.

The truth of the matter is, we need to be Executers if we want to see our goals become a reality, failing to take the right actions is planning to fail. We cannot allow any room for fear, doubt, complacency or procrastination, these 4 things have hindered many people from living the life that they desired ,to have to having to settle with the life that is a consequence of their passivity.

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Have a productive and fun filled week, after all life is short.

Your Finance P.T



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