Meet Peta-Kay

If you do not ACTIVELY pursue your dreams, they will never become a reality.

Peta-Kay King

Financial Coach, Podcaster & Content creator

Welcome to the Pearls and Perils, my name is Peta-Kay, but you can call me your Finance P.T  I started the Pearls and Perils coaching to allow me to connect with people who want to stop surviving in their Finances and desire to start thriving and a living a life they love.

Financial literacy and money management is an area that is often not spoken about enough, this has resulted in a financial literacy disparity within our society.

My mission is to Educate & Empower people to start thriving and meeting their financial goals through my holistic, practical and personal approach to Financial coaching

Since launching in June 2020 I have had the pleasure of coaching over 130 people across the UK.

I know how easy it is to find yourself in a toxic financial cycle. I used to have terrible money management skills, despite earning a good salary I would still hemorrhage through my salary within a few days of getting paid! In 2019 I decided to take control of my finances by becoming more intentional with how I managed my finances and investing in acquiring knowledge in the areas that I lacked. It wasn't an easy process but for the first time in years I no longer wondered where my money was going each month. 

If there are any topics  that you would like me to cover on my blog, YouTube channel or podcast feel free to email content ideas and request to

Peta-Kay King