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Meet Peta-Kay


Welcome to the Pearls and Perils, my name is Peta-Kay, I've always known that having a  9-5 job wasn't my dream nor passion. 


Helping others to thrive has always been a passion of mine. When I resigned from my last Management role, I decided to channel my Finance skills and my Go Getter mindset to help others to take control of their Finances!


My 1-1 Financial coaching helps my clients to gain clarity on their financial goals & vision, get in control of their money management, replacing bad habits with success habits, giving them the confidence to effectively take action and smash their goals; by equipping them with the knowledge & PRACTICAL tools needed to THRIVE in their Finances!


 My Business coaching helps Entrepreneurs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs to gain clarity on their business idea, create a robust business plan and structure,effectively manage their cash flow and scale their business through applying key business fundamentals. Equipping them with sound knowledge, practical tools and resources to THRIVE in their industry!

'On a mission to Educate and Empower others to succeed!' -PKK

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Stop Surviving,

Start Thriving!


“At first I was extremely reluctant to open up my financial life for scrutiny. But Peta-Kay made the session really easy and comfortable, I took away some good thing’s and I’m looking forward to my next session!" 


“The session was absolutely amazing. At first I thought I did not need it considering my background but boy was I wrong. I left this session absolutely pumped up about the changes I’m going to make. The financial nuggets I received will help me restructure my finances. I would encourage people to book a session its 100% worth the money.”


“I loved the session so much, it was very insightful. I also left with a lot of useful tangible tips to help aid me in making a solid financial plan and consider my saving habits.”



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