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3 Practical Tips to use when setting Goals

January is often the month that we set ourselves goals and resolutions that we want for the coming year. However, after a few weeks or months these goals and resolutions are often forgotten or abandoned. Have you been working towards the goals that you set yourself in the past few weeks? How we start sometime determines how we will complete it. If you started the year by setting goals but not taking any actions towards it, it's safe to assume that those goals will not be achieved unless you start to take actions towards them.

Here are 3 practical tips to use when setting goals:

1) Think about what it is that you want to achieve. For example: to have a driving license

2) Break your goal down by thinking and writing down what you need to do or learn in order to achieve that goal. In the example of a driving license you would first need to learn the Highway code and study for the theory test and pass it, research into driving instructors in your area and start taking lessons consistently and then when you are at a stage that you are able to drive safely book your practical test and pass it. By breaking your goal down it is clear what you need to do in order to achieve that goal.

3) Set yourself a realistic time frame to accomplish that goal. Setting yourself a time frame of one month or even 3 months to do everything that is required for you to gain your full driving license would be highly unlikely. Often we fail to accomplish our goals because we set unrealistic time frames on ourselves and when we fail to accomplish them we become demotivated and give up.

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