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Does the Honey extension really save you money? Review

Saving money with Honey

Honey is a coupon app designed to save you money when shopping online. The app is only available as a browser extension, it is compatible with popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

The app removes the grafting of searching online for discount codes ( I know I have lol) by searching for coupon codes on your behalf once you arrive at check out. If multiple coupon codes are found honey, honey will apply the best deals to your cart.

Honey covers a range of stores for clothing stores to utility providers there is an extensive list of stores that you can search from through the app.

Not only can you save money through using the app but you can also receive honey 'gold points' through the rewards scheme, which are essentially points that are accrued every time you make a qualifying purchase. Once you accrue 1400 gold points you can redeem your points for a £10 voucher to use at one of the Honey gold stores.

You can also collect 500 honey gold points when you refer friends using your referral code. The app is free to download and does not cost anything to utilise the service.

If you are still wondering does the extension actually work? Yes it does. I've had the browser extension for about 2 years now( I don't often shop online) BUT there are occasions when I have shopped online and have received discounts using the honey app.

The app does not always have coupons available on all online purchases but on most occasions it does.

If you like the sound of the app and want to give it a try download it via my referral link:

If you are some one who is quite concerned about privacy I'd recommend checking out their privacy policy before you download the extension as Honey does use a range of cookies to provide the service.

Note: this post is not sponsored by honey but is my honest review and experience.

Have you ever used they honey extension or another browser extension if so what was your experience? Let me know in the comments.

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