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Pearl of the week: 23.09.2020

You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control your reaction to it.

Challenges are all a part of life irrespective of who you are, your beliefs or what you acquire in life. Even the most prudent person who eats healthily and lives a healthy lifestyle can still face health problems at some point in life. We may not be able to choose nor control the problems we face in life. But we are in control of our reactions to it. When you face a problem you can choose to say "it's too hard, my life will never change" and give up before even attempting to find a solution. The most successful people in life are not those who's lives are absent of problems but are those who see every problem they face as an opportunity for growth. They do not waste their time complaining, crying and feeling sorry for themselves they seek for solutions and even in moments when the situation seems bleak and they have tried numerous times and have failed they refuse to give in to the problem. In this week you may encounter unexpected problems, face disappointment, hurt, receive bad news what matters most is your reaction to situation. Your reaction will determine the outcome.

Until next week,

Your Finance P.T



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