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Pearl of the week: 04.11.2019

Welcome to November! To think that next month we'll be coming to the end of the year is mind blowing! Time is not waiting for anyone. If you want to make the last two months of the year productive, this weeks pearl of the week is imperative to achieving your goals. One thing that we all have in common irrespective of who you are or where you are from is that we are all people of habits. We all have things that we do often, that it becomes second nature to us; certain tendencies that we have and specific things that we do. Generally when we think of habits we think of negative things, but having a habit can actually be a good thing if that particular habit is a positive one and benefits your life in some way. For example having the habit of always arriving early. Your habits can either make you or break you. In this week analyse yourself and see what habits do you have that are negative and what habits do you have that are positive. Challenge yourself to break your negative habits and to create good ones. You can only create a habit when you do something on a consistent basis. The reality of life is that many people fail to achieve their goals not because of a lack of opportunities but due to bad habits that impede them from fulfilling their potential. They may even have a positive outlook on life but if you have self destructive habits such as addictions, lying, making irrational decisions based on how you feel in the moment, the list is endless. Have a productive week and don't forget to like and share with a friend.

Your Finance P.T



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