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Pearl of the week: 07.10.2019

As we've entered into a new month and the last trimester of this year it's important to reflect on how the past 9 months of 2019 has been for you. Whether this year has been a good year for you so far or perhaps a year filled with difficulties, the most important thing is what you intend to do within the next few months. You can either decide to give up on the goals you set at the beginning of the year or you can decide to keep pushing despite your current situation.

Sometimes in order for you to progress, you need to withdraw yourself from toxic situations which hinder your growth. If you surround yourself with small minded people or those who constantly complain about life with time you will also begin to think and perhaps even speak like those people. Similarly if you surround yourself with people who have ambition and are actively going after their goals; I'm sure you will begin to mirror those positive qualities.

Within this week analyse all of the toxic things that you need to remove from your life whether it's places you spend your time, things you listen to, things you watch, the words you speak in relation to your life or other peoples, perhaps you may even find that there are certain friendships or family members that you need to maintain a healthy distance from for the sake of your peace of mind. Once you remove what is toxic from your life, you will see that things will begin to flourish in a way that it didn't before. In this last trimester of this year abstain from toxic situations, protect your peace at all costs and surround yourself with people who are a positive influence.

Your Finance P.T



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