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Pearl of the week: 21.10.2019

Can you believe we are already in the last week of October? This month has flown by so quickly! By next week Thursday it's a wrap for October and on to November. As we start a new week, set aside some time to reflect on how this month has been for you so far.

What opportunities have you seized? What changes have you made? Maybe you say well Peta-Kay 'I haven't received any opportunities this month'. I truly doubt this is the case, opportunities are available on a day to day basis the problem is that a lot of opportunities don't present themselves as opportunities but are presented as problems.

I found this quote which hits the nail on the head. “Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.” -Anonymous.This couldn't be anymore accurate, everything starts with the way in which we see thing's. If we have a limited vision and only see the negative side of everything we are sure to miss out on a lot of opportunities in life because we didn't seize the opportunity for us to grow.

In this week don't sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you, but set your focus on identifying the opportunity in every situation you face. Create opportunities to take you a step closer towards your goals.

Have a productive week and share this post with a friend 😉

Your Finance P.T



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