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Pearl of the week: 28.10.2019

With only a four days left of October I'm sure we can all agree that October is practically over. To think there's two months left of the year is crazy! The months are literally flying by if you are not someone who is intentional in the way you spend your time, you will always struggle to achieve your goals. As we start a new week be intentional with your time by eliminating time wasters from your life. Whether it be reducing the time you spend on social media, on your phone, listening to music, playing games, watching videos, idle conversations etc. Start to view your time as a very valuable currency, that once you have used it you can't get it back. When you begin to see time as something valuable you will not waste your time doing things that are of no benefit to your life nor will you invest time in toxic relationships which only bring unnecessary stress to your life. We often give more value to money than we do to time. When in fact money lost or spent can always be regained whereas time spent can never be replaced.

Once you eliminate the time wasters you have in your life, you will be surprised how much extra time you will have to invest in other things.

Have a productive week and don't forget to like, comment and share with a friend.

Your Finance P.T



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