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The Social Media Facade

Social media has evolved rapidly over the past decade or so. With it's development there has been positive attributes to social media however, there are many negative influences that Social media has on a vast majority of it's users.

Many people spend an excessive amount of their time on social media, in some cases it even becomes an addiction. It creates a constant desire to want to see what is going on in the lives of other people. Of course this is not the case for everyone but it is for a vast majority.

Don't believe everything that you see on social media or aspire to look like or to have the things that you see people post, not all of the things that you see posted are genuine in many cases it is a facade! I've seen examples of pictures which have been filtered and edited that look completely different to the original pictures.

Don't waste your time comparing yourself and your life to other people. Instead utilise your time to invest in yourself, to enable you to have the life that you would like to live. Don't allow your self-esteem and the value that you give yourself to be based on the acceptance of others, through 'likes' and 'comments'. Before seeking to be accepted by others, first learn to love and to accept the things about yourself that you cannot change and of course invest in working on the things that you can improve.

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