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YFPT December 22 blog

Hello December

It’s surreal to think that we are in the last month of 2022, it feels like the year has flown by and what an eventful year it has been not only in the UK but globally! Perhaps this year has been a difficult one for you, as it has been for many who have experienced significant life changes, losses, anxiety due to the cost of living crisis and other personal challenges. Whether this year has been one of your best so far or one you would rather forget, I hope that this post will help you to gain some perspective and clarity as we come towards the end of the year.

An appraisal or end of year review is common practice in most companies to evaluate an employee’s performance over the year. This is a process that I believe we should adopt in our personal lives, it's easy to become busy and consumed with things that do not align with your priorities. Doing an end of year review can feel quite daunting and anxiety inducing when things have not gone according to plan, but it can create an opportunity for you to gain the clarity that you need to make changes moving forward. Avoiding your current reality will not change it, confronting the issues you have no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel during the process and addressing those issues one by one is where the process to change will come.

Set aside some time this month to review your year and set it in your calendar (procrastination is real), I have created some prompts to guide you but expand on them as you feel necessary.

End year review prompts

Experiences: Make a list of the experiences you have had that impacted you the most this year, this could be a combination of difficult experiences as well as positive ones (aim to list at least 4 experiences).

Once you have written your list, rank your top 3 impactful experiences and write down any life lessons you may have learned from those experiences and any experiences that you feel are currently affecting you negatively.