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Business Cash flow template

Business Cash flow template


Keeping track of your business Finances can be daunting and feel like a constant catch up of logging figures into numerous spreadsheets. Our Cash flow template allows you to keep track of your business income as well as your business expenses in ONE place, saving you time and increasing your efficiency. 


Key features:

  • A yearly overview of your business finances, this allows you to compare your businesses performance each month.
  • Daily income tracker to log your business income for each month, you can also categorise the different sources of income. Income logged in the income section for each month automatically updates in the yearly view for that month simultaneously.
  • Daily expense tracker log for each month, with various business expense categories for you to utilise for added detail to your records. Expenses logged in the expense section for each month automatically updates in the yearly view for that month simultaneously. 
  • A section for you to input your estimated tax each month.


Please note: If you rename any of the expense categories in the monthly expense sheets, rename the expense on the yearly interface to ensure the figures reflect the intended category.


If you do withdraw drawings from your business, any amounts you log in the drawings section is calculated independently and is not calculated with the total of your expenses as for tax purposes you shouldn't include drawings as an expense. The drawings section is highlighted in Amber so it is clear.


Some of the cells are locked to prevent the formula being changed in error, if you find that there are any function's that you are unable to do.  Click on the review option and click on unprotect the sheet the using the password that is in the cash flow template usage guide sent upon purchase of the template.



  • File Format

    Excel document

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